Landcare Groups in the Upper Lachlan Landcare Network:

  • Bigga Landcare Group

Year Formed: 1995

Number of Members: 14

Area Covered: 17 165 ha

Key issues: Weeds, native veg management

Group Contact :Diane Clements ph   02 48 352247

  • Breadalbane Plains Landcare Group

Year Formed: 1998

Number of Members: 26

Area Covered:  10 665 ha

Key issues: Vegetation Management, Dryland Salinity, Erosion Control, Soil Acidity

Vision: A harmonious optimistic community that is able to achieve its goals of good pastures, healthy stock, and diversity of wildlife and trees.

Group Contact :Jenny Bell ph 02 48 442239 

Website : Breadalbane Plains

  • Crookwell Native Flora and Fauna Club

Contact Dr Ross Higginson ph 0248322952 

 Newsletter February 2013 (2)

  • Grabine Foggs Crossing Landcare Group :

Group Contact: Sean Proudman ph 02 48321566

  • Friends of Oolong

Website: Friends of Oolong 

Contact Gianni D’Addario ph 0423200202

  • Crooked Corner/Mulgowrie Landcare Group

Year Formed: 1995

Number of Members: 30

Area Covered:  13 983 ha

Vision: Working together to make a healthy, productive and profitable environment for future generations.

Group contact: John Brennan 02 48353141

  • Fullerton/Hadley Landcare Group

Year Formed: 2001

Number of Members: 30

Vision: “To provide a sustainable environment compatible with productivity”


Group Contact Nerida Croker ph 02 48342133  

  • Heffernans Creek Landcare Group & community nursery

contact Russel Erwin 02 4844 3165  Heffernans Creek info

  • Kiamma Creek Landcare

Group Contact : Barry Murphy

  • Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group:

Year Formed: 1993

Number of Members: 42

Area Covered:  7 338 ha

Strategic Plan: LandWaterLife_-_Jerrawa_Creek_Catchment_Renewal_Plan_2010

Vision: “be considered as a community which retains its rural atmosphere, where all are actively involved, and which has an economy built upon a variety of viable and sustainable agricultural enterprises and a clean environment”.

Group Contact Bob Spiller ph 02 48458217

  • Limmerick/Peelwood/Tuena Landcare

Year Formed: 1994

Number of Members: 14

Key issues: Erosion control, Weed control and Native Veg management

Group  contact Malcom McKenzie ph 02 48345248

  • Roslyn Landcare

Year Formed: 1995

Number of Members: 19

Area Covered:  7 338 ha

Key issues: Restoring Native Vegetation and establishing Wildlife Corridors

Group contact: Margaret Wheelwright ph 02 48432251  

  • Lost River Landcare

Year Formed: 1998

Number of Members: 14

Area Covered:  5 845 ha

Group Contact: John O’Brien 02 4836 2161