Environmental Trust Grant 2009
Roslyn Landcare Group Inc
Restoring and rehabilitating Southern Tablelands native vegetation
Grant: $69,260

The enthusiastic Roslyn Landcare Group has been establishing a basic network of native vegetation on previously cleared grazing land for the past 15 years; expert monitoring has recently demonstrated an increase in native birds returning to the area. In this project, members will build on this network by fencing pockets of remnant vegetation on their land and on unused Travelling Stock Reserves and by adding additional wide (at least 15 metres) corridors of native vegetation, all in the area between the nearby remnant 800 hectare Mount Rae Forest to the east, the Wollondilly River to the west and the Tarlo River to the south. This will provide important additional habitat and ‘stepping stones’ for the threatened fauna identified in the area and protection for the rare and threatened flora in the many pockets of remnant vegetation.

These photos show  monitoring of Roslyn Landcare Group’s latest tree planting programme by Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Officer , Helen Ward. This was  a three year planting  programme  with excellent results seen over  a number of properties. Project Co-ordinator for the RLG Mr Eric Hurn  expressed his  thanks to Ms Ward for her help in obtaining the original programme funding.

The latest plantings  continue the  extensive vegetation corridor plantings throughout the Roslyn area.  Media officer for the group Mark Selmes said “Hopefully these trees and shrubs will provide future shade and shelter, serve as erosion control and sequester carbon. Past plantings have seen  a resurgence in some bird species and it should  always be remembered that without trees , human life itself is unsustainable “



Roslyn Landcare and Greening Australia – The Greening of Roslyn.

By Mark Selmes Ongoing surveys by Greening Australia’s Nicki Taws have once again verified the value of Roslyn Landcare tree plantings . During a recent tour of both revegetation corridors and remnant trees  Ms Taws commented that “ the ongoing commitment of Roslyn Landcare was validated by the results, once again revealing numerous bird species.” … Continue reading »