Great Fact sheet for Rural Landholders by the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Committee Wetlands Factsheet Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment featuring John and Mary Walsh

John and Mary Walsh receiving a Rivercare Award


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Erosion Control Workshop – Breadalbane 20th March

With Craig Sponholtz

Course Outine:

Morning session:

Watershed Patterns and Processes

  1. I.                    Reading watershed patterns and processes
  2. II.                  Erosion and deposition processes
  3. III.                Degradation and desertification

 Morning Tea:

Regenerative Principles and Practices for Watershed Health

  1. I.                    Floodwater agro-ecology and the runoff resource
  2. II.                  Regenerative design principles and priorities

Lunch Break:

Afternoon session:

Introduction to Harvesting Runoff to Reverse Erosion

  1. I.                    Preventing sheet erosion and harvesting sheet flow
  2. II.                  Preventing gully incision and down-cutting
  3. III.                Grade control, floodplain access and moisture storage
  4. IV.               Headcut treatments and plunge pools

 View in field examples as location and time allows



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