A video of our SoilFoodWeb composting workshop

Here is a recent article about Soil Health and Human Health informed by Professor John Crawford Sydney Uni.

The Soil Health & Your Wellbeing Presentations are available as PDF’s by clicking on the links below

Soil Health is Human Health- Rhonda Daly

How soil health can affect the health of the whole community- Dr Carole Hungerford

Healthy Soil Hardy People Happy Planet – Graeme Sait

For those who missed the workshop Joanne Dodd from LightFoot Education has written a great blog about our Soil Health & Your Wellbeing day and some other workshops which she has attended recently in the district..

and a short video on YouTube of Rhonda Daly at Soil Health & Your Wellbeing Workshop in Crookwell

and Graeme Sait

More to come!


Soil health and your wellbeing flyer 2

Article about our Soil Health and Your Wellbeing Workshop in Crookwell Gazette.