Kiamma Creek Landcare Group in partnership with the Lachlan CMA and Upper Lachlan Shire Council plan to remove all of the willows from the Kiamma Creek, Crookwell and revegetate with Native trees.


Why are we removing the willows?

  • Willows are listed as one of twenty Weeds of National Significance (WoNS). This is due to their invasive nature and their impacts on the hydrology and bio-diversity of the river system.
  • Willow leaves cause a flush of organic matter when they drop in autumn, reducing water quality, especially available oxygen, directly threatening aquatic plants and animals;
  • Willows spread their roots into the bed of a watercourse, slowing the flow of water and reducing aeration. Where willows occur in dense stands this effect is exaggerated and can lead to bank erosion and in severe cases, flooding;
  • Willows will drink much more water than native trees and shrubs. When rivers and wetlands are at very low levels, thirsty willows hasten the drying of pools which protect fish and bug life from drought conditions;
  • Willows can redirect stream flows, create bank erosion and damage infrastructure such as pumps and weirs.
  • Willows are easily treated with herbicide but difficult to control as broken stems and twigs easily take root. Some varieties of Willows can spread by seed, which can be carried up to 100 km by wind or water;


Whats happening with the willows?

Kiamma Creek Landcare’s Willow removal program of Kiamma Creek has got underway this week with the contractor coming in and starting to remove the willow from Site 1.   It is amazing to watch contractor, Rod Whitehead and his machine in action as it saws, paints and removes the willow all operated from within the cabin. … Continue reading »


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Kiamma Creek Landcare Willow Warriors

Kiamma Creek Landcare held a field day at 7 Wade Street Crookwell on Willow Control methods. The day was aimed at informing residents about the upcoming Willow removal along the Kiamma Creek and also about methods of willow removal. The Guest speaker was legendary “Willow Warrior” Jeff Cottrell who has been runs adventure style willow … Continue reading »

To find out more information about willows and control techniques The ULSC, Kiamma Creek Landcare and the Lachlan CMA will be holding a Willow Control Field Day in Crookwell on the 9th April.

Kiamma Creek Landcare Group as part of their Caring for Our Country Community Action grant will be hosting a Willow control field day at 7 Wade Street Crookwell next Tuesday starting at 8.30am. The day will be a great opportunity for the community to find out how the Landcare Group and Upper Lachlan Shire Council aim to rehabilitate Kiamma Creek and to find out how to get involved. The keynote speaker at the event will be Jeff Cottrell of “Willow Warriors” an award winning adventure conservation landcare group based in the Hawkesbury Nepean.

Jeff has been involved with willow control for a long time and has a good understanding of what willows need to be removed, required techniques and what should remain. Jeff and the “Willow Warriors” paddle rivers and wetlands of South Eastern New South Wales in rafts or kayaks to map and, where possible, treat seeding willows like black willows and grey sallow willows and report  large infestations of seeding willows  to the regional weed committee, public land owner and CMA to take action, and, after primary control, assist with ongoing monitoring.

Also at the event will be Greening Australia’s revegetation expert Lori Gould who will talk about desirable aquatic plants in our waterways and what to replant after the willows are removed and demonstrations on willow control methods by the Lachlan CMA.

Everyone is welcome to attend if you can’t make the whole day come along and for a free bbq lunch and find out more about the project. RSVP’s would be good for catering purposes to Barry Murphy 48321004 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flyer for upcoming Kiamma Creek Landcare willow control day at Crookwell: Willow day April 2013

One of our guest speakers will be Jeff Cottrell from Willow Warriors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1SWebWXI1M

The Australian “Winds of change in the willows featuring Jeff Cottrell http://www.theaustralian.com.au/travel/winds-of-change-in-the-willows/story-e6frg8rf-1226531566970

Video from Landline about Willow Warriors featuring Jeff Cottrell  http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2010/s3174898.htm Source to Sea 27/03/2011

The Willow Removal and Revegetation Project of Kiamma Creek, a partnership between the ULSC, the Lachlan CMA and Kiamma Creek Landcare is getting underway under a Caring for Our Country Grant. Over the next few months contractors will come in and remove the remaining willows in the no.2 project area of Kiamma Creek.


Map of the Kiamma Creek Willow Cotrol project area