Breadalbane Community Landcare started the year with a name change (from Breadalbane Plains Landcare). We hope to encourage members from the Breadalbane village as well as surrounding landholders.

This year Breadalbane Community Landcare hosted a Summer Seminar, in conjunction with Upper Lachlan Landcare. A warm February evening saw an enthusiastic group gather at the Breadalbane Community Hall to hear Sarah Anderson. Sarah Anderson shared stories of communities working together towards self-sufficiency and producing nutrient rich food. Sarah's enthusiasm was infectious! And our meal afterwards was buzzing with stories and ideas.

Breadalbane Community Landcare hosted Cam Wilson from Integral Earth in March for a fantastic day of learning and doing! Cam explained erosion processes and water movement through the landscape. Then we all packed our lunch with fresh ingredients and headed out to the paddock to roll up our sleeves and get some dirt under our fingernails. By actually doing the work, people had the opportunity to see and feel first-hand what rocks to use and how to stack them. Where to push the dirt and what vegetation to use. It was such a rewarding day to see the erosion wash out area transformed to a stable well supported zone for water to move through.

We have several ideas in the pipeline for the coming year and with a steadily growing membership base we are looking forward to the next 12 months.