Due to the very wet 2016 winter Roslyn Landcare were unable to prepare the Broken Ridge Travelling Stock Reserve for the School Kids Environmental and Planting Day in October, so the event had to be cancelled. This year, preparation is well underway and we are looking forward to hosting this event again in October 2017.

In February Roslyn Landcare hosted a friendly and relaxed evening with Upper Lachlan Landcare as part of the Summer Seminar Series. Robyn Alders talked about her fascinating life working in Africa controlling Newcastle Disease in village chickens. Bill Johnson, Local Land Services District Vet, explained the fundamentals of back yard chicken care. And then we all enjoyed an evening meal together as the sun went down and the cool summer breeze blew in.

Members have also been busy preparing sites for planting. Roslyn Landcare received a significant grant of $50,000 to plant 6500 trees. This includes support to erect the 6.3 km of fencing required. There are 13 properties involved in this project. This continues the strong and long term commitment the Rosyln area has to establishing an extensive network of shelter belts.