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Warm Homes for Everyone

The sharp jabs of cool crisp air in the evenings are very closely followed by the faint smell of wood smoke wafting threw the dark sky. Cold weather means beanies, flannelette sheets, hot drinks and crackling fires. We head indoors early (if we can!) and snuggle down for the months ahead. And we are not the only ones.

Cold weather sends all sorts of creatures looking for shelter.  And for some, dead wood is the ideal home. Lizards, spiders, quolls and echidnas are just some of the creatures bunkering down in what we might like to burn to keep ourselves warm. How to avoid burning their homes to warm ours!

When collecting firewood leave hollow logs. Whether they are standing or lying. Although they may burn well, they are the dwindling homes for many of our treasured Australian creatures. So, try and take small diameter solid pieces of wood instead of large diameter hollows.

When you take firewood leave some behind and move on. If there is very little around leave it and search somewhere else. It is often the cumulative impact of lots of people taking a little firewood that causes depletion. As with recreational fishing, over harvesting will destroy the resource for everyone.

Do not collect from endangered woodland communities, National Parks or roadsides. These communities are declining and may be protected by state and federal legislation so penalties may apply to firewood collecting.

If you buy your firewood, ask how and where they collected the wood. If you tell them it is important to you, it will start to make it important to them too.

And finally, plan for the future and plant a tree. In fact, plant lots of trees – it’s going to be a loooong cold winter!

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