Fullerton Hadley Landcare Group held the 2018 AGM at the Laggan Pub in early January. As a result, the executive committee from 2018 was re-elected. The group currently has 20 members. So far this year we have held the following workshops.

Heritage Orchard Pruning. This workshop in March was held at a Laggan property where participants were taught how to prune and care for apple trees which were over 100 years of age. All participants were able to work 'hands on' to practise the demonstrated skills.

Grafting. The follow up workshop held in July at Kempton Hall was attended by participants in the previous workshop.  Everyone took along scion wood sourced from old local trees which was then grafted to new root stock. Progress will be monitored and recorded.

Group members have continued with the Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangla Glideways program involving revegetation supporting the habitat of arboreal mammals like the squirrel glider.