Fullerton Hadley Landcare has had a very active year, in part, thanks to some funding support from K2W. In August, we hosted CSIRO scientists Jackie Stol and Bob Godfree who delivered the “Grasses You Don’t Want” workshop with Alison Elvin and Paul Brown. People learnt how to identify and control techniques for weeds such as African Lovegrass, Coolati Grass and Chilean Neeedle Grass. Jackie and Bob also discussed some of their research work into native grass and wood land environments. This day included a paddock walk which is always a very helpful component to learning. We also hosted and very interesting Native Bee and Pollinators Workshop with Karen Retra in October 2016. Karen presented a great session on these important and valuable creatures working across our landscape.

K2W also funded the purchase of pig traps that have successfully caught over 40 pigs in one month recently! We have had ecologist Roger Lembit in our midst, as part of K2W, doing flora surveys. And the K2W Glideways Bushconnects Grant has funded a Revegetation Project that brings in 23 participating landholders.

Fullerton Hadley Landcare has also partnered with Green Australia to create habitat for threatened birds which has resulted in revegetation projects on 3 properties. As well as Conservation Volunteers Australia who visited in November & March with two very enthusiastic and enjoyable teams of volunteer planters.

We teamed up with Local Land Services in July 2016 to host Canid Pest Injector training. Hosted our Annual General Meeting in November 2016. And we are in the midst of planting 230 individual paddock trees and 4000 tube stock due to be completed in spring 2017.

Fullerton Hadley Landcare has embarked on an exciting new mapping project and began by hosting a workshop presented by Angela McCauley from Geomancia. The workshop covered baseline mapping and was a very interesting and informative day. Fullerton Hadley Landcare now has the resources to map historical data and future projects.

Fullerton Hadley Landcare has maintained its strong connection with K2W throughout the year by attending K2W Reference Group meeting at Oberon in July, Glider Monitoring Workshop at Cowra in August and the Blayney - K2W Forum celebrating the completion of a 5-year program where our members presented a report on Landcare involvement.