Gunning District Landcare had another successful year with our Fur, Fins and Foliage focus.

Our District Fox Baiting Program had 3 baiting rounds in Autumn and Spring 2016, and March 2017. Thousands of baits were distributed and participant numbers are steadily increasing. The participation from cattle producers and ‘lifestyle’ landholders is very heartening. We are looking to include some monitoring into our program and to continue growing our very successful baiting program.

Gunning District Landcare has partnered with Luke Pearce and Mark Lintermans to develop the Southern Pygmy Perch Recovery Action Plan. This document is due to be completed by Spring 2017 and will provide the guidelines to focus our coordinated and strategic activities to aid the recovery of this endangered species. Naturally any efforts to improve the riparian habitat for the Southern Pygmy Perch will undoubtedly also benefit the Yellow Spotted Bell Frog as well as many other riparian species of flora and fauna.

Where Oolong Creek passes through Dalton, has been an area of focus for Gunning District Landcare and the enthusiastic Dalton community. We have hosted 2 major planting days attracting over half the entire Dalton population! Illustrative signs have been installed at the site and we look forward to ongoing development of this sight as a great example of a healthy, well-functioning riparian zone.

In March 2017 Gunning District Landcare hosted the enormously successful The Truth About Trees Field Day. Over 140 people attended. Professor David Lindenmayer delivered a fascinating presentation summarising some of his many years research measuring the impact of trees in the rural landscape on fauna populations. Local landholders Matt Doyle and Margie Fitzpatrick shared their experiences with trees and transforming their properties. This was a fantastic day and clearly well received by the community.