Peelwood Limerick Tuena Landcare hosted a Landscape Repair Workshop with Cam Wilson in May this year. It was a very successful day despite a few sprinkles of rain. We were extra pleased to have soil ecologist David Hardwick attend as a participant. Cam started the day by explaining historical erosion events that resulted in the deep incisions we find across our landscape today. And although these processes may have begun many years ago, we are still living and managing these active erosion sites today.

We then moved outside, where Cam demonstrated several techniques to stabilise active erosion sites. Everyone chipped in and collected branches, moved rocks, dug soil, mulched, transplanted shrubs. It was so valuable to see and learn and do – but also a great opportunity to catch up with neighbours and meet new ones. Opportunities to come together like this are few and far between sometimes.

Peelwood Limerick Tuena Landcare are looking forward to RUOK day in Crookwell this year. We are hosting this inaugural event and felt the Crookwell location would extend the opportunity for more people to attend.

The equipment purchased by the Landcare group from the K2W funds continues to be utilised far and wide across the region.  The steel post whacker is a particular favourite especially for individual members of the community who were successful in receiving tree grants and need to fence tree lines.  The trailer and spray unit, telescopic tree pruner and pig traps are also kept busy.

A small fox baiting program was run in conjunction with LLS.  We hope to expand this next year.